What’s Odyssey ?

A second breath

In the year 3000, after having faced a global warming of great magnitude, the Earthlings decided to unite and dissolve countries to create a unique faction : the Reunited Nations. Thanks to this change. Important decisions emerged from this change, giving a second chance, a second breath, to our planet Earth.

Since then, the density of flora has increased by 3000%, new forms of animals have appeared and our oceans have more fish than mankind has ever known. On the eve of Reunification Day, a wormhole suddenly opened in the center of Volkalia territory and a creature from another universe appeared bringing along a mysterious energy.


This creature called Meganeura carries a rare form of energy, the velocity particles. After several years of study, the Utopia laboratory’s engineers finally succeeded in capturing these particles to transform this matter into quantum energy.


This technological advance has allowed humanity to make a leap in the science of materials and technology, giving birth to the Odyssey mission.

Having the technical means to venture into the Astroworld (a galactic universe for the moment unknown), the Utopia laboratory has indeed decided to create the Nubula-X12, a spacecraft operating on quantum energy with the particularity of jumping from one glass hole to another and thus discovering universes located light years away from our little blue planet.

The objective of the Odyssey mission is simple : Find the original source, the universe of Meganeura.

Gathering and training travelers

The founders of the Odyssey need you. This spacecraft cannot function without you, we need to assemble a crew in order to move forward and accomplish the missions on our way!

How to be part of the adventure ?

Odyssey will not be easy! Trials await us throughout our adventure, we will have to complete them one after the other to unlock the next ones and go deep into the Astroword.