Mission 1 : The Minegon

The Minegon has been stolen !

The MINEGON is the particle key that starts the ship. Without it, the Odyssey can’t begin!

The Abstrax, its base, is empty, and without this symbiosis between the two elements, it is impossible for us to provide the necessary energy to the particle reactor.

Will you be able to obtain this key and become the first captain in Odyssey history to pilot the NEBULA-X12?

The black market

This is Boosty, our best spy born of stone and quantum energy.

He warned us about the presence of particle energy on the black market. No doubt, only the Minegon can generate so much energy.

It looks for the plans of the key but he’s sometimes a little distracted. Help us find it and become the commander of the Nebula-X12 and be the first representative of the Odyssey mission !

Our spy has just informed us that the rare piece will be put up for sale on the Foundation market within a few days ! We are counting on you.